Congratulations on making the best decision of your life!

We are celebrating with you and look forward to embarking on this incredible journey with you. We believe that when you commit your life to Jesus, He gives you an abundant life.

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The Decision

You may have raised your hand in the service today or have been thinking about doing so for sometime.

Whichever is true for you, the most important thing is not so much a hand raised, but a heart that’s open.

If your heart is open to Jesus right now then you are ready to move forward on this amazing journey of faith.

The DECISION to accept Jesus into your heart is the greatest decision you’ll ever make - it’s where it all starts.

Here’s the first Bible verse that will help you to understand what this decision means:
Romans 10:9
‘If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe with your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.’


For good news to be great news, you have to know the bad news first. The truth is that without Jesus’ forgiveness, we are separated from God. You may have known this or sensed it up until this point in your life.
It’s not a physical barrier that you can feel.

That barrier is called sin.

Imagine falling out with a good friend and then, you meet them in the street some
time after. The feeling is one of awkwardness and separation. You can’t explain it
fully but you can sense the breakdown. It’s real, it exists. It’s the elephant in the
room. Until that relationship is fixed with forgiveness, then your friendship is broken.

Here’s what the Bible says...
Isaiah 59:2
‘Your sins have separated you from God. They have hidden His face from you so that He cannot hear you.’


Becoming a Christian means that we change from the inside-out.
The most noticeable and radical change will happen immediately on the inside.
That inside change will work itself outwards after a short while and people
closest to you will start to notice a change in your attitudes, emotions,
behaviour patterns and in your language.

This does not happen by reading and conforming to a rule book
that’s full of do’s and don’ts, but happens when you truly give your life to Jesus.

The transformation of your life is not a man-made, ‘self-help’ thing, but a miraculous
thing. The difference in your life is not down to what you ‘do’ but what Jesus has
already ‘done.’
2 Corinthians 5:17
‘If anyone is in Christ, they are a NEW CREATION, the old has gone, the new has come.’


Before the days of SAT NAV you would pull out a huge road map.
It was very detailed and even hard to understand. It covered the whole of the UK.
Imagine travelling from one end of the country to the other. You would need to go
through every page of the road map to get there. Piecing every page together in
order to find the best route was complicated to say the least!

However, the golden rule was not found in knowing every single little street, dual
carriageway and side road, but was found in familiarising yourself with the main route.
As long as you could find the major road from A-Z, you would successfully complete
your journey.

In just the same way, it’s almost impossible to know and understand every verse in
the Bible, but the golden rule is to know the major verses and teachings to get you to
your relationship with God. Getting from A to B in your new Christian life does not
require you to know everything on the journey but simply the main roads.
The small detail will fit into place along the way.

Here’s what we will call the ‘Road Map’ of the Bible. It’s the major
detail that you need to know for the journey of faith.


The Bible is God’s love letter to you! It’s also God’s instruction manual for your life.
The good news is that you don’t need to know it all at once, however as you begin
to read it you will come to appreciate that it’s the only book that has the ability to
read you.

This amazing book is truly inspired by God — every word has the power to jump off
the page and hit you right between the eyes at exactly the precise moment that you
need it to. It is alive and active!

It’s a book of inspiration.
It’s a book of leadership.
It’s a book of direction.
It’s a book of wisdom.
It’s a book of power and miracles.
It’s a book of forgiveness.
It’s a book of acceptance.
It’s a book that brings conviction.
It’s a book of overwhelming love.
It’s a book of hope.’s a book of destiny and purpose for your life.

Read it daily and it will change your direction, your attitude, your heart, your mind,
your mood and it will change the way you live.

The Bible is like soap - it washes you when you read it. It’s not about how much you
read that matters, but how much you understand and take on board. In fact, just one
word or one verse can change your life forever.

Read it daily. Set yourself a goal to read it before you start your day and ask God to
guide you, speak to you and help you live out what you’ve just read.
2 Timothy 3:16-17
‘Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another - showing us
truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God's
way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God
has for us.’


Just like any normal family — they come in all shapes and sizes!!

There will be people that will annoy you and there will be people that will become
your best friends, but one thing is for sure, there are no perfect people in this
family - we are all a work in progress. We are not here because we deserve to be
more than others, but simply because we have accepted Jesus’ free invitation to
belong to His family.

The truth is that anyone that has given their life to Jesus has been adopted into His
family. It’s not a religious family or a family that’s always right, but it is a family that
strives to be real. We will have differences and we won’t all agree on the same things,
but the one thing that holds us all together is our new found faith in JESUS.

Belonging to God’s family means that you are loved and forgiven and have all the
privileges of belonging to that family. There is no one better than you and there is
no one worse than you. Having received Jesus’ forgiveness, we all stand on level
ground before God.

There is nothing greater than having a new family to belong to. God is now your

Welcome to the family.


In just the same way that you need a physical home to live in, you need a spiritual
home too!

Just like your natural home, Champions Church provides for you a place of refuge,
warmth, love, acceptance, safety, refreshment, growth and belonging. Even though
it’s made up of many different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, each one is loved
unconditionally and is welcomed with open arms.

You could of course be concerned that you wouldn’t fit into your new home, but rest
assured, the Church was built with exactly you in mind - we were expecting you and
have made sure that there is a place just for you.

Whether you’ve lived in the context of a loving family or not, you will know that
much of our formative growth comes from the home. We naturally look up to those
that are placed there to care for us, and so our journey of maturity begins, even
without us knowing it.

Champions Church is not only a place for you to belong to, but is also a place for
you to grow and mature as a new Christian. Being in Church every weekend is not so
that you can tick the box to say that you’ve attended Church, but is so much more -  
it’s the place for you to connect with other great people that love Jesus and for
you to grow strong in your faith.


Anything that’s alive needs feeding.

Anything that’s alive also needs exposing to certain things to ensure that it’s in the
right environment for that life to grow to its fullest potential.

Welcome to your new life in Jesus.

Feeding your new life with the right food and being exposed to the right
environment are both paramount to your growth as a Christian - without which,
you will not only be stunted in your growth, but you will also stagnate as a person.

Here are the basic elements for the success of your new life. Think of them like a
tried and tested recipe that will help you grow to your full potential and all that
God has for you.

Read your new Bible for a few minutes daily (try to aim for the same time and place
each day).

Pray throughout each day. It will help if you write down your prayer
requests, concerns, goals and dreams and keep them with your Bible.

Make Church a non-negotiable - meeting weekly for worship and inspiration is one
of your greatest growth environments.

Share your faith. Tell as many people as possible every week about what Jesus is
doing in your life.


From the moment that you were born, someone had to nurture and care for you
so that you could grow into the amazing person you are today. For that to happen,
you needed to be encouraged daily to take some very small but significant steps.
These steps, after a short while, led you to stand strong on your own two feet.

In much the same way, as a brand new Christian today, you also need good people
alongside of you to nurture and encourage you in taking some small, yet very
significant steps in your new walk with Jesus.


Water Baptism is a public declaration of your faith in Jesus!
It symbolises your old life being made new.
From the moment you believe in Jesus, you’re ready to be baptised.


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